Sometimes One Arm Is Enough

“She’s only got one arm, how can she take care of that baby?” 

“I know, right?  You can’t change a diaper one-handed…can you?”

“You might could but you’d have to be fast. Babies roll and scoot quicker’n you can say ‘biscuit eater’, but it takes two hands to do almost everything.  I just don’t see her…oh, here she comes….shhhhhhhhh.”

The one-armed, very pregnant stranger, returning from the ladies’ room, takes her seat across from her husband.

He whispers to his beautiful wife, who has lived with her disability since birth, “Do you want to have some fun?”

“Always!” is her emphatic answer, her sparkly blue eyes suddenly filled with mischief.  She knows by the dart of her husband’s eyes who the guilty culprits are and had noticed them staring at her.

Without skipping a beat, she launches into her husband in an ‘argument’ loud enough for all patrons of the restaurant to hear.  It escalates quickly and before anyone knows what’s happening, the arguing couple are both on their feet and become engaged physically.  But just as quickly, the pregnant woman flips the husband over her hip and throws him to the floor, stands over him, and says loudly, “You’ll think twice before crossing me again, you son of a bitch.”

Then she steps over him, grabs her purse, and as she passes the two women on her way out the door, she smiles and says, “Thanks for your concern, but I think I’ll be able to take care of my baby just fine.  Have a nice day.”

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