Let’s go to Wig’s Wag-a-Bag for an ICEE!

My three sisters and I often spent summers in Oklahoma with aunts, uncles and lots of cousins. The excitement of summertime filled us with so much light and joy we thought we might burst.

The days were barefoot lazy, and except for meals, blissfully structure-less.

We’d get up early and put on yesterday’s bathing suits – sometimes still damp from being washed out in the sink the night before. Hours were spent running through the water sprinkler, laughter filling the air. Later we’d ride bikes, play games, lay under a shade tree making whistles out of blades of grass.

Once a week Aunt Cookie would load us all into the car and we’d go to the laundry mat down the street. In our bathing suits, we found ways to occupy ourselves while the clothes tumbled in the machines.

After the clothes were dry and folded, we’d go across the street to Wig’s Wag-a-Bag for tiny brown bags of penny candy and an ICEE!

Barefoot, bathing suits, crazy hair and an ICEE. Those were the days.

4 thoughts on “Let’s go to Wig’s Wag-a-Bag for an ICEE!

  1. Love this! I hate summer now, but loved it when I was a kid. I used to stay up half the night reading. The pool opened at 10 in the morning and I would ride my bike over to arrive right as they were opening the gates. Frozen candy bar from the pool concession stand for lunch and a quick trip home for dinner, then back to the pool until it closed at 9PM. Still just enough light for me to ride my bike home. This was of course before all the nuisance law suits so neighborhood pools still had sliding boards and high dives and we were allowed to play Marco Polo in the deep end…Life was really good.


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