Mr. and Mrs. #Shannyforever

Magic Was In The Air ~ July 12, 2014

We had a wedding!

Friends, family and loved ones gathered at the end of a beautiful July day, in overwhelming joy, to witness the exchanging of heartfelt vows, celebrate love, and to dance our butts off. All of that and so much more! Everyone ate, drank and got merry, just as intended. And now two extraordinary young people are a brand new family because they chose each other!

There was so much love and joy floating around this place for three full days, I thought I might burst. Every time I turned around there was another smiling face or a hug or a special conversation waiting for me. Not only did the gorgeous bride choose a bright, fun, caring and thoughtful man to share her life with, but he came with a warm, loving family that has embraced us all and now we are bound together too….an unexpected and totally awesome benefit of our children coming together.

Austin, Texas is where the happy couple calls home and there is no shortage of great wedding venues to choose from, but if there is a more perfect spot than House On The Hill I would be very surprised. The landscaping is gorgeous, the views spectacular, and they even have a swimming pool! I wanted to move in and never leave. There’s one big main house with four bedrooms, a great hall, and a wrap-around porch, and there are three separate well-appointed cottages sprinkled about the lush grounds. They offered (and we took advantage of) a weekend package from Thursday to Sunday. The entire wedding party enjoyed three days and nights in this peaceful setting. Truly a special place!

One of the best parts, for me, was the rehearsal dinner where one friend after another rose and spoke from their heart. To hear the funny stories, listen to the thoughtful advice, and to see first hand how deep these friendships run brought tears of joy to this parent’s eyes. There is a huge circle of friendship surrounding these two that anyone would be honored to be a part of. This is an extraordinary group of intelligent, beautiful, loving friends. They are all truly blessed.

I had the honor of walking my daughter down the aisle. It was a beautiful time for me and I will never forget it as long as I live. As we exited the house and made our way down the sidewalk toward the seating area, where everyone was turned to see the beautiful bride in her wedding dress, I squeezed her arm and whispered, “This is your day. I love you so much!” And then I had to whisper, “Slow down!” Because she was walking too fast for me!

All the planning, preparation and hard work came down to this moment. From choosing the venue, to choosing and buying the wedding dress, cleaning bottles and jars for months (after drinking the wine!), ironing table cloths for days, making decorations, and painting toenails, we did it together. When you do things yourself, you gain a better sense of ownership and pride – you bond with those pitching in and helping out. You sweat together, laugh together and become closer to those who matter the most.

This wedding was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing….from the beautiful (albeit warm weather), to the wonderful officiant, Meg Barnhouse, to the homemade pickles as wedding favors by good friend, Sheena of Sheena’s Pickles, it was exactly right. I will reflect upon and treasure memories of my daughter’s wedding for years to come!

And, even though my daughter is now an old married lady, she’ll always be my sweet angel baby 😉

6 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. #Shannyforever

  1. Loved how you relived the occasion. The pictures brim with happiness. Congrats to your daughter and her husband.


  2. My daughter got married two years ago. It was a similar setting and atmosphere — right down to the outdoor ceremony and sparklers — and the celebration was wonderful. I hope those good feelings never wear off, for all of you.


    1. It was a fabulous party! I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It sounds like our daughters have similar aesthetics 🙂 I’m reading your book and marveling at the beautiful way you have with words.


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