5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. I would never ask you to be wordless! And I love getting your comments – so please don’t ever hesitate!

      Yes, I layered two photographs on top of each other here. One is a picture of a crumbling interior corner wall and the other is a skyline shot. I’m glad you like it!


      1. I like this so much I had to write about it:

        buildings of the skyline
        nonchalant and upright

        heave breath through season
        own skyline in years

        wave flags and storey
        benign and unquestioned

        to the wind and the space
        which is safe from view

        the impossible interface be
        tween Have and Open

        for space fits around
        and wind is just movement

        from nowhere to nowhere
        when seen in effect

        when seen in relief their
        built-in apocalypse

        of gathering obsolescence
        is clear as vista

        I’d like to let it steep for a while and then publish it on my blog, and when I do I’d like permission to publish your art with it


      2. Wow! That’s wonderful. I’m flattered and delighted that my photo was such an inspiration to you! It would be my pleasure to have you publish my art on your page. Would you be able to link it to my blog? Or, at the very least, show photo/art credit to Vanessa Foster. Then I could just reblog it here. Cheers!


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