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More Than Everything: A riveting true story of the author’s run from the FBI where she ends up in Alaska working on a cattle ranch for room and board. It is the summer of 1985 and it has been a long time since Vanessa has done anything for which she can be proud. Suddenly she finds herself fighting for her life with nothing left but the clothes she’s wearing and a new pair of boots.

5-Star Review for More Than Everything by Vanessa G. Foster (Author)

Reveiw by author Charles Gulotta:  “It’s hard enough translating thoughts into words for the printed page. Vanessa has taken several years’ worth of tangled emotions and memories — experiences she’d no doubt prefer to forget — and arranged them into a gripping story that will pull you in, and just won’t let go. I typically take days, weeks, or even months, to work my way through a book. I read this one in less than twenty-four hours. I didn’t want it to end, and yet, right up until the last page, I couldn’t wait to find out where this amazing adventure would finally lead. The writing is tight and layered and richly textured. I’d recommend it to anyone who loves to read.”

Author Biography: Vanessa Foster has considered herself a writer since the age of nine when she felt the need to hide in trees with a notebook or scrap of paper and write her thoughts and “make up poems”. She is one of four daughters and grew up an Air Force “brat”; the family moving at least ten times before she graduated high school. For her next project, she hopes to work with her sisters, sharing stories from their childhood from each of their perspectives.


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