Featured on NPR’s All Things Considered!

On Monday, January 16, 2023, my “My Unsung Hero” story was featured on All Things Considered and it’s been nothing but wonderful ever since!

So many friends and family have reached out. Some books have been sold. Some interviews have been scheduled.

A sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone for your amazing support. Maybe, through the magic of social media, I’ll finally reconnect with “Moses” and be able to thank him properly for saving my life 35 years ago. That would make me very happy.

Click here to read/listen.

Stay tuned, cause it’s going to be a fun ride!

I Made a List!

If you know me, you know I don’t make lists…can’t handle the pressure! So, when the nice people at Shepherd.com contacted me recently about my book and asked if I’d like to make a list of my favorite books on topics/themes similar to mine, I took a beat to think about it. Then I did some research.

Shepherd is a book-finding website that features authors and lists of the books they love. The idea is that it will bring readers (looking for a certain kind of book) and authors together. You can search by topic, book title, or author’s name.

It took me a while to whittle down my list, write descriptions, and then produce a catchy title, then Shepherd did the rest. I highly recommend all these books/authors and if you read and enjoyed my book, you’ll love them too.

Happy reading!

When You’re Too Old For Bubble Suits

This is a short excerpt from my second book; Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head, The Childhood Memoir of a towheaded Air Force Brat.

Mama doesn’t love sewing but she’s pretty good at it, and on an enlisted man’s salary, is forced back to the sewing machine to make most of our clothes when we’re very young.

She makes several things we call ‘bubble suits’ which are basically onesies with elastic at the top of each leg and buttons at the top of each shoulder. You only had to undo one button to step into the suit, put one arm through the arm hole, then put your other arm in place and button that side.

There’s a pretty bubble suit with little yellow flowers on it that’s my favorite. I put it on one summer day and notice that it’s kind of tight, but I leave it on and go outside to play. Mama sees me a while later and scolds me to ‘go inside and change before that thing cuts you in half’.

I’m probably six or seven and too old to be wearing a bubble suit anyway, but it is a sad day because I know that I have just outgrown all the homemade ‘baby’ clothes Mama made for us.