Painting & Photography

My Original Encaustic Painting

Years ago the man I love gave me acrylic paints as a birthday present, encouraging me to give it a try. Recently acrylics have been replaced with hot wax (encaustics) and I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun!




My Original Photograph

As a kid, I always had one of those plastic Kodak Instamatic cameras…snapping photos of everyone and everything.  For my high school graduation, my father gave me a 35mm all my own! Ever since that day, I’ve been looking at the world through one viewfinder after another.




3 thoughts on “Painting & Photography

    1. Nice to meet a fellow painter! Where can I see yours and your wife’s work? I’m happy to know you love my work! You just made my day and are my new best friend 🙂


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