My “My Unsung Hero” Story

Each episode reveals what the news ignores: everyday acts of kindness and courage that transformed someone’s life.

Last fall, a good friend suggested I submit my unsung hero story to the Hidden Brain podcast. A short segment at the end of each episode where they invite people like me to tell the world about a time when someone, usually a stranger, demonstrated an act of kindness toward them.

I had the perfect story.

It took me a while to craft my two-minute audio pitch and hit submit. Then it took a while for them to listen to it and email me that they were interested. It took some more time to schedule an interview and go over more details with a producer. Then I waited.

In the meantime, Hidden Brain had apparently received so many submissions (so many stories of random acts of kindness!) that they decided to create a spin-off podcast, My Unsung Hero.

On December 30, 2021, the last released episode of the year, my story finally aired! Listen here. It’s surreal to hear the incomparable Shankar Vedantam tell parts of my story! Thanks to everyone on the Hidden Brain/My Unsung Hero team who helped shape my story and put it in the world.

After listening, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on the podcast just like me. And, if you want to know more about my story, you can buy my book, More Than Everything, here.