They Are Mine


They glide like

ferris wheels


lost keyholes

in my mind –

coating today’s stress

with cotton candy promises.

They swim

with grace and passion


heavy eyelids

at the close of my day.

They are always there

with strength and will

in my hour of need.

They are my truth

and inspiration…

…these timeless memories

I treasure



Magical Thinking


Writing 101 – Assignment.

Tell the tale of your most prized possession. Use as many words as it takes.




My red scrapbook is old, musty and bulging with a lifetime of love letters, keepsakes and photographs. It is where I keep the Apollo 17 pin that I wore while watching the last rocket (that would ever land on the moon) launch from the white sands of Cocoa Beach in December of 1972. Nestled among the yellowing pages are my blue and gold embroidered Presidential Physical Fitness patch, and my nickel-plated Vietnam POW/MIA bracelet; the very bracelet that I wore religiously for months until it broke in half. I secretly worried that the breaking of that bracelet meant my soldier might never return home.

When you’re thirteen years old, you can get carried away with magical thinking.

But the very first page of my scrapbook, the one with my baby pictures, is where my heart lives. There are four black corner stickers hugging my most prized possession in the world – a photograph of me and my daddy. The caption reads: “Vanessa 9 months, with Daddy”. My childhood scrapbook is not neat, organized, color-coordinated or of archival quality. But it’s mine, and mama’s handwriting under that fading photograph is proof we were once a family. Continue reading

Road Tripping

Road Tripping

Let’s pack a bag, bring a cooler full of sandwiches, a thermos of coffee and hit the road. You choose; north, south, east or west…I don’t care. We just need to get out of town and breathe some different air for a few days…see what we can see; do what we can do. Don’t forget the map because we are definitely detouring from the interstate. Ready? Set. GO!